About Me

I consider myself as not only a professional photographer but also an artist.  My  career began when he was just eight years old.  I loved how photographs were able to “stop time” and freeze magical moments for years to come.  As years went on,  I saw my passion grow stronger; I received my B.S. in Business from Hofstra University, co-founded one of the largest disc jockey entertainment companies on Long Island, and started my own photography business focusing on the things I loved; weddings and portraits, specializing in headshots.  As my business and popularity began to grow, so did my desire to learn even more about the art of photography. 

While working full-time, I received my Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Photography from C.W. Post.  I then broadened my photography focus for an even greater challenge and started a career in forensic photography. 

No matter the subject matter, I approach each assignment seriously, professionally, and with an eye of an artist.   My passion has always been photography and people say it shows through my work.  I am extremely lucky to have a career that I truely love to wake up and do everyday.

My career has touched many people's lives and helped their careers flourish!  And now I am expanding into my new venture and a passion of mine for many years.  The "Just Smile Project."  Growing up with family members with special needs and trying to photograph them wasn't easy.  They never had that "true photo shoot experience."   This is because photographers didn't have the knowledge or right equipment or most importantly PATIENCE!   I am actually pursuing another certification in "Photography for Kids with Special Needs" and  with that I am developing a mobile photo studio to accommodate kids with special needs.